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Sidári - Corfù


Sidari, Corfù


Sidári is an incredibly popular resort, attracting people of all ages to its good beaches and varied nightlife. Yet there are reminders that at heart this is still a Greek village (the local kafeneon, for example, thrives next to a disco called Caesar’s Palace), once a trading post for Corfu’s Diapondía Islands.
The main street is lined with modern shops, travel agent, bars, clubs and tattoo parlours, all catering for mass-market tourism. It is brash and loud, especially at night. A little further down is the old village square with its plane trees, benches, a bandstand and a seahorse fountain.

Notable beaches are the large Megali Beach at the southern entrance to the resort and the so-called Canal d’Amour beaches below the striated sandstone cliffs to the north, which claim to be the site of the sea arch (the Channel of Love) that has long since collapsed. Tradition had it that if a woman swam through the arch she would win the heart of the man she loved. Take time to see the beaches’ striking, wind-carved rock formations.
For children, there is the small Sidari Waterpark (free), signposted off the main road heading south.

To see in Northwest and Central Corfù

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- Angelókastro

- Sidári

- Doukádes

- Myrtiótissa