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Paleokastrítsa - Corfù


Paleokastitsa Corfù


The beauty of Paleokastrítsa has long been renowned, and back in the 19th century the British High Commissioner Sir Frederick Adam had a road built to it so that he could get there more easily from Corfu Town. Although it has developed as a popular visitor destination, the natural beauty of the place remains intact.
High cliffs plunge down to the sea and inlets of deep blue water punctuate the wooded headlands. There are rocks and sandy beaches and the town is still a jewel, even though lots of day-trippers flock to enjoy its three main bathing coves, the watersports and the boat trips out along the coast to the many grottoes eaten out of the rocks by the sea.
The other main attraction here is the Theotokos Monastery. Surrounded by pine trees, it has been here at least since 1228, although the present building dates mainly from the 17th and 18th centuries. As well as the church there is a tiny but enjoyable museum in an old olive-oil pressing room and a beautiful flower garden outside the entrance to the church, with roses, lilies and other colourful blooms.

Open (museum): daily 7-1, 3-8. Free entrance

Paleokastitsa Corfù

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