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Archaeological Museum - Corfù


Archaeological Museum - Corfù

Corfu’s small archaeological museum (Mouseìo Archaiologikò) holds two of the finest treasures of ancient Greece. The Gordon Pediment, thought to be the country’s oldest surviving monumental sculpture, has been recovered from the Doric temple of Artemis (585 BC) measuring 17m long and 3m high. The Lion of Menekrates, among the earliest stone animal carvings, was carved in the late 7th century BC and found near the tomb of Menekrates in 1843 and is thought to have guarded the grave of the warrior.

Although Corfu may have few remaining archaeological sites that can be seen, these relics attest to the richness of its ancient past. There are also bronze statuettes, pottery, artefacts, statues and a large coin collection.


Where: Armeni Vraila 5

Open: Tue-Sun 8:30-3 (ticket 3 euro, and only 2 euro for EU citizens and over 65)

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- Palace of St Michael and St George

- Campiéllo: Old Town

- Agios Spyridon

- Old Fortress

- Archaeological Museum

- Mon Repos

- Kanóni

- Mitrópoli

- New Fortress

- Esplanade and Liston