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Mount Pantokrátor - Corfù


At 906m, this mount dominates the island and from the top it is easy to see the mountains of Albania, which merge to the south into the mountains of northern Greece.

Towards the north-west you can make out the coast of Italy on a clear day.Visitors used to have to walk if they wanted to get to the top of the mountain, but now there’s a good concrete road to the summit from the village of Petália. It is a wonderful drive, but many people still prefer to hike for that personal sense of achievement.

The mountain and surrounding area can be visited throughout the year, but the late spring months of April and May, when the flowers are flourishing, are the best times to go. The paths are rich in orchids of all kinds and you can see many other spring blooming plants. Peregrines and other falcons can be seen here too, along with goshawks, buzzards and kestrels.

At the top of the mountain, known to the Venetians as Monte San Salvatore, there is a small but beautiful monastery founded in the early 14th century and rebuilt in the 19th century. It is home to two monks, who look after it and welcome donations towards its upkeep.

To see in Nordeast Corfù:

- Kassiópi

- Kalámi

- Monte Pantokrátor