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Esplanade and Liston - Corfù


Liston, Corfù

The open space facing the Old Fortress is known as the Esplanade (Spianáda in Greek), a focus of town life. Originally the whole area was a parade ground for the Venetian army and at one time the northern part was used as the town’s cricket pitch.
The southern half of the Esplanade, one of the most charming open spaces on the island, is landscaped and has an impressive fountain, flowerbeds, greenery, paths and seats, a bandstand used for concerts in summer and at the far end a curious but attractive round building. This is the Maitland Rotunda, built in 1816 as memorial for the first British Lord High Commissioner to Corfu.
Along the western side of the Spianáda is the Liston, an arcade of coffee shops, restaurants and souvenir boutiques. Constructed in 1807 during French rule, it was designed as a copy in miniature of the rue de Rivoli in Paris and, like its namesake, buzzes day and night with local people meeting friends, reading newspapers, chattering on phones or simply having a coffee. Your drink will cost more than elsewhere in town, but it is worth it for the atmosphere.

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- Esplanade and Liston