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Kassiópi - Corfù


Kassiopi, Corfù

At first glance the former village of Kassiópi seems to have been entirely taken over by modern tourist development, but a closer look reveals a place of great history, with a beautiful harbour, a fascinating old church and a local community that is vibrant and as busy as ever.
People visit here from all over Europe, and it is especially popular with the British. Yet at the same time you’ll see old ladies crossing them selves as they pass the main church and old men whiling away the day in the old-fashioned kafeneon right on the main square. The large harbour still has fishing boats bobbling about, showing that Kassiópi is still a working fishing port.

The ruins of the Byzantine Fortress on the headland to the west of the harbour are evocative at dusk when owls can be heard hooting.
On 15 August, in the middle of the busiest tourist period, the church and the town celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, a national holiday in Greece.  Kassiópi has some of the biggest festivities on the island and a visit at this time is a treat.
To get here take the green buses from Corfu Town.

Kassiopi, Corfù

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