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Old Fortress - Corfù


Old Fortress, Corfù

The Old Fortress (Paleo Froùrio) is Corfu Town’s most striking landmark, visible when you approach the city by sea, by air or along the coast road. It stands east of the Old Town on top of a rocky promontory and affords magnificent views over the town and the coastline north and south.
The first fortifications were built here in the 6th century to protect the city. The Venetians rebuilt its walls in the early 15th century and dug a defensive moat, the Contrafossa, which had a retractable wooden bridge. The Greek army used the fortress until 1979, when archaeological restorations began and it was opened to public.
Today the fort, in which concerts and cultural events are held time to time, is entered from the Esplanade via a permanent bridge across the Contrafossa, now a picturesque channel lined with pleasure boats.

La Old Fortress Corfù


You can see a small Byzantine museum, which features sculptures, mosaics and fresco pieces from Byzantine churches, and the Church of St George, built by the British in 1840 and designed to look like an ancient temple.
From here there are marvellous views across the Esplanade to Corfu Old Town. If you want to take good photos over Corfu Town, go in the morning when the sun is at your back.

Open: daily 8:30-2:30 (but until 7pm in summer).

Old Fortress Corfù
La Chiesa di San Giorgio a Corfù

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