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Corfu has been undergoing a culinary renaissance in the last few years. While there are countless restaurants serving mediocre meals aimed at the less discerning tourist, there is also an increasing number of exceptionally good places. Genuine hearty Corfiot cooking is widespread. One of the dishes you will see on menus is sofrito, a casserole made of veal and served with a white sauce of wine, garlic, onion and peppers.

Sofrito, Corfù

 Every chef has his own version, though, including beef sofrito, served with a red sauce. As with the kumquat liqueur (made with small oranges), you need to try it more than once to taste the different variations.
Pastitsada is another great Corfu meat dish, which has spread throughout Greece, but it developed here under Venetian influence. Layers of pasta alternate with meat: the original Corfiot version is made with cockerel meat, giving a slightly gamier taste than chicken, though the more usual version is made from veal.


Pastitsada, Corfù

Fish dishes include lobster pastitsada and bourdeto, a casserole of white fish, olive oil, onions and spicy red peppers. Bianco is a Corfiot bouillabaisse, a stew of local fish cooked with potatoes, lemon juice, garlic, and whatever the chef has available or chooses to add to make his own version distinct.

Mercato della frutta a Corfù

Corfu has some decent brands of wine such as the long-established Theotoki wines, and labels from the Vassilakis and Koulouris wineries. Almost everywhere you will find the local wine served from the barrel, and the popular anised-flavoured ouzo, served with water and ice as aperitif.