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Northwest and Central Corfu


Sida, Corfù


Despite having two of the most popular spots on the island in Paleokastrítsa and Sidári, this corner of Corfu has a relaxed and unspoiled feel to it. There are plenty of other resorts as well, but they are mainly low-key places that appeal to families. With quiet coves and the fascinating Diapondía Islands, this part of Corfu also attracts those who like to explore.

To get the most out of the area you really need a car, even if you only rent one for a day or two. Places like Angelókastro and the Ropa Plain can’t be fully enjoyed if you have only access to public transport, and the whole of this stretch of coast, with its dramatic cliffs and exhilarating views, is worth exploring.
Inland, places such as Doukádes, Makrádes and Vátos present a very different aspect of the island. These are rugged communities, clinging to a rough and traditional way of life hardly affected by the tourism on the coast.

Corfu’s three small Diapondía islands are clustered offshore, and can be reached on an organized day trip.

To see in Northwest and Central Corfù

- Paleokastrítsa

- Angelókastro

- Sidári

- Doukádes

- Myrtiótissa