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Campiéllo: Old Town


Campiéllo, Corfù

The Campiéllo is the oldest district of Corfu’s Old Town. The maze of narrow alleyways winds uphill and down, between tall shuttered houses with laundry strung on lines overhead. It’s the most atmospheric urban spot on the island, and getting lost here is all part of its charm.
The Campiéllo was first settled in the 10th century, as the fortified town expanded inland from the Old Fortress. Its present character took shape under the Venetians, who expanded the city walls to enclose the residential area between the old and new forts.

Most of the narrow, traffic-free streets are paved with flagstones and connected by steep, stone staircases and arched passages. Ageing facades of faded yellow, pink and cream are set off by dark green or grey shutters, iron balconies and decorative door frames.
There are no must-see sights. The appeal of the Old Town lies in wandering the streets and exploring the side passages, seeing where they might lead and catching delightful moments of local life.

La città vecchia di Corfù

To see in the City of Corfù:

- Byzantine Museum

- Palace of St Michael and St George

- Campiéllo: Old Town

- Agios Spyridon

- Old Fortress

- Archaeological Museum

- Mon Repos

- Kanóni

- Mitrópoli

- New Fortress

- Esplanade and Liston