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Books about Corfu

"It’s always good to find a reason for visiting Corfu Town", says British author Emma Tennant (born in 1937) in her 2004 book Corfu Banquet. Subtitled A Memoir with Seasonal Recipes, this is one of two accounts she has written about the island. The other, A House in Corfu (2001), tells the story of her parents falling in love with a house during a visit in the 1960s and moving in.
Two of the most famous writers and artists to have drawn inspiration from Corfu over the centuries are Gerald and Lawrence Durrell. Lawrence (1912-90), the elder of the two brothers, appears as the butt of many jokes in Gerald’s (1925-95) account of his 1930s boyhood on Corfu, My Family and Other Animals. It was here that Gerald’s great love of natural history blossomed, resulting in his career as a naturalist and writer.
Lawrence was always the more studious of the town, and went on to great success as a novelist, poet, essayist, critic and travel writer. He lived for a time at the White House in Kalámi, where he wrote Prospero’s Cell, his own account of life on Corfu (which is very different from his younger brother’s), as well as working on his novels and poems.
American writer Henry Miller (1891-1980), renowned as the author of such controversial books as Tropic of Cancer, was a friend of Lawrence Durrell and visited him on Corfu; part of this account appears in his wonderful travel memoir The Colossus of Maroussi.

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