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Angelókastro - Corfù


Angelokastro, Corfù

The 13th-century Byzantine fortress has a spectacular location on top of a headland which rendered it impregnable and now provides breathtaking views. On a good day you can make out the Old Fortress across the island in Corfu Town, and the two castles used to signal each other in times of danger.

In 1571, when the island was under Venetian rule, the Turks were repulsed thanks to this castle, and just as Corfu was the only part of Greece never to fall to the Turks, neither were the walls of Angelókastro ever breached.

Though not a great deal remains of those walls today – as time and neglect have done what no invading army could do – there is a well-preserved cistern, a few cells and a chapel on the highest point. All can be reached in a 30-minute walk from the parking area.

To reach it, head north from Paleokastrítsa and look for the left turning to the village of Kríni from the main road. Take binoculars to enjoy the views.


Where: Kríni
Open: daily 8:30-3 May-September (ticket 2 euro)


La fortezza di Angelokastro a Corfù

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