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Welcome to Corfù!

Corfù is the most northerly of the Ionian Islands. The southeast coast lies about 10 km from mainland Greece, the northeast about 2 km from Albania. The length is 60 km, and the width is 4 to 30 km. The island has a population of approximately 110,000, of which about 40,000 live in Corfù town.


There’s Corfù the coast, Corfù the town, and Corfù the island, and they don’t necessarily appeal to the same visitors. Corfù the coast lures travellers who want to escape civilization and head for the water – whether an undeveloped little beach with a simple taverna and rooms to rent, or a spectacular resort. Then, there is the more cosmopolitan Corfù town, with its distinctive Greek, Italian, French and British elements. Finally, there’s a third and little-known Corfù: the interior, with its lush vegetation and gentle slopes, modest villages and farms, and countless olive and fruit trees.

Corfù, Grecia

Whichever Corfù you choose, it should prove pleasing. It was, after all, the island’s ancient inhabitants, the Phaeacians, who made Odysseus so comfortable.


Il mare a Corfù